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Physics as Destiny

     I found out Friday that I will teach Chemistry for only two weeks before switching to Physics in my student teaching block starting this week.    This was a bit of a disappointment because although I aspire to teach Chemistry, most of my teaching experiences have been Biology at Get Real Science Camp and Physics with the Science Stars.    In my Field Placement;  we have been doing Chemistry since the beginning of the year.  I have done a bit of teaching (lots of assisting, grading, getting to know the students) and was looking forward to the upcoming textbook chapters on acids and bases, bonding, etc.   The bright side is that I’ve already taught some of this Physics with Stars so I have a head start and some good ideas!

     Perhaps it is my destiny.     I was thinking of doing just a bit more course work and getting dual certified in Chemistry and Physics but had backed off because I soooo want to be done with school.   Do you think this is a sign?


Odds and Ends:

– We had our final Science Stars conference today but I’ll hold off posting on that in the hope that our blogs will get fixed and pictures will be an option OR I’ll have five minutes to monk around with Flickr and get that option working.   I got some great shots of kids in action doing science.

– I was treated to the sound of over 200 low brass instruments – tubas, euphoniums, and baritones – at a Christmas Concert this afternoon.   My 11yo son played euphonium in it and the age range was from two to ninety.   It was something!

– I went to the library earlier this evening but it got late, Saturday night crazy and I came home.   I have huge amounts to accomplish in the next week and a half.   Actually, tons left for Monday.   My mantra is – one step at a time and remember to breathe.   Refer to previous post on Raking in the Starlight.


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Wrapping Up Stars

      I give up.  I’ve tried to load a pic for two days now and, once again, it’s not working.   Perhaps it’s time to apply to do my grad school blog in another venue.   No pics.   No fun.   Just a few hours of frustration at the end of the semester when I don’t even have 10 minutes to spare.   I’ve changed browsers, rebooted the computer, resized the picture, rebooted again, cleaned my cache/cookies/general flossing of internet stuff, defragged the hard disk, checked the settings, rebooted again.  These things have working in the past on this apparently fragile blog host.     I give up.

      This is my mandatory Stars post for the week.   I will miss these wonderful girls that we have been working with for the last 10 weeks.   We had a good session on Tuesday and the girls made a PowerPoint presentation, did the graphic design for a poster presentation, and developed an intereactive presentation involving kids at the presentation conference tomorrow.   I need to go glue a bunch of stuff on a trifold which is another thing for which I do not have time.   Have I mentioned that it’s the end of the semester?  and my son’s birthday party is tonight? and I needed to check in at my observation today? and little things like uploading a picture should not take hours…

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