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New Address

New Address

     This is a new location for my blog.  I moved for a variety of reasons including a newer version of WordPress with more features for all of us including the ability to subscribe to follow-up comments.   I was also tired of the pharmaceutical spam in my RSS feed on my old blog – an ongoing problem probably related to the older version of the software.    This space shouldn’t be too much different –  I’ve added a picture and additional information to my “About Me” page.

     Within my University cohort, we have had many spirited discussions about the public nature of blogging and some have wished for more anonymity.   I am taking the approach that my online identity is part of who I am and will curate it accordingly.   I do not feel the need to use this space for saying things that I would not say publicly.   I am usually somewhat careful in using proper nouns about other people and institutions but am fairly open about who I am.   The New York Times had an interesting article on some of the ramifications for lawyers of ranting in their blogs including some analysis of the generational difference in attitudes about blogs and public presence.  

     I can’t claim that I am quite as careful on Facebook but that is a difference between a somewhat private forum and blogging AND I have reined that in a bit too.   During a recent lunch with friends, I realized that I knew much less about what was happening in their lives than I did for acquaintances with whom I communicate on Facebook.

     Welcome to my new space!   Thanks for reading.


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Blog Spam – Apology

If any of you are following this blog in Google Reader, I would like to apologize for the spam related to prescription drugs that is now showing up in the feed.   I have no idea why this is happening but there are rumors that the tech support people are working on it.

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To Blog or Not to Blog…

… and what, if blogging, to blog about anyway?   Those are the questions – some of them anyway.

     I’ve blogged in the past about other topics – topics easily separated from myself – a photo journal of a group I was leading, my garden through a season…    Blogging about teaching feels intensely personal.   Mostly, because I care so much about it, but also because I feel vulnerable as a novice/apprentice.   It’s also the first time I have blogged “professionally” because this is associated with my masters program.   I prefer anonomity in the blogosphere but didn’t get to make all the choices here.

     I have not blogged much over the last month or two.   The blog, however, has been a constant presence – affecting the way I consider recent experiences.  For my last student teaching placement, I had a long commute and often spent drive-time thinking about the day or yesterday or tomorrow or the whole trajectory.   Often, I would compose an entire blog entry, in my head, only to decide that it could never see the light of day.  

     The reasons why something wasn’t publishable was an important part of my thought process.   Was it because I didn’t have the conviction to put it out there?  Was it because I thought it might hurt somebody’s feelings?   Was it because as a pre-service teacher, I wonder if anything I have to say is relevant?   Would the statement be too easily associated with me personally?

     My friend over at Stratoz blogged recently about a student finding his blog.   Another friend, Gannet Girl, has blogged anonymously for years.   I’ve considered doing two blogs.   There is little hope that I would manage to keep both of them going but – does that mean I have a split personality? or need to live two lives?   Something else to think about.

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Wow!  I just checked the date of my last blog post and wondered if I needed to declare this space defunct and move on to a new blog.   I hope that, whichever Solstice holiday you celebrate, that it was as full as possible with peace, warmth, and light – whether the warmth came from friends and the light from candles OR from a trip to someplace with warmer weather.   

My family celebrates Christmas but we also mark the Solstice.  When you live on the north coast of the United States, the sun is very low in the sky in late December and the lengthening days are worth noting and celebrating.   One year for Christmas, my older son received a model solar car kit and the instructions noted that it probably wouldn’t run at our latitude – it didn’t.   I have a Solstice mark on the wall of my front foyer and the light beam has already shifted three inches down the wall.  The light is returning!

This holiday season has included time with friends, time on the road to New England to visit family, and now – with three days left before I return to teaching – a bit of time to relax.   Happy New Year!

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Wrapping Up Stars

      I give up.  I’ve tried to load a pic for two days now and, once again, it’s not working.   Perhaps it’s time to apply to do my grad school blog in another venue.   No pics.   No fun.   Just a few hours of frustration at the end of the semester when I don’t even have 10 minutes to spare.   I’ve changed browsers, rebooted the computer, resized the picture, rebooted again, cleaned my cache/cookies/general flossing of internet stuff, defragged the hard disk, checked the settings, rebooted again.  These things have working in the past on this apparently fragile blog host.     I give up.

      This is my mandatory Stars post for the week.   I will miss these wonderful girls that we have been working with for the last 10 weeks.   We had a good session on Tuesday and the girls made a PowerPoint presentation, did the graphic design for a poster presentation, and developed an intereactive presentation involving kids at the presentation conference tomorrow.   I need to go glue a bunch of stuff on a trifold which is another thing for which I do not have time.   Have I mentioned that it’s the end of the semester?  and my son’s birthday party is tonight? and I needed to check in at my observation today? and little things like uploading a picture should not take hours…

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You know you have a problem when…

… you check Google Reader before you check e-mail because you must know what’s happening in the blogosphere.

… you actually consider delaying sleep to blog about Stars despite the fact that tomorrow is a full day of middle school and Warner.

… you can’t wait to get back to middle school because with the long weekend and Stars, it has been a while and you miss them.

… you haven’t checked your Reader in 12 hours and now there are 17 things to read.

… you tell your kid to get off the computer and go outside.   He points out how much time you spend on the computer.   You know he’s right so you capitulate!

… you are starting to think that maybe it was easier when news was one newspaper a week.

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Blogging Community?

     I’m stumped as to how to get people talking here.   I’ve blogged and participated in other blogging communities but never have I seen as little discourse as I do among my colleagues – see links in my blogroll.   I blogged about this in the past.    Dr. Scott McLeod did a blog entry on how and why to get started which includes a video about the value of community for teachers and in classrooms.   I highly recommend reading the post, watching the video, and adding that blog to your RSS feed – you do have one, don’t you?

     I’m not sure why there are so few comments.   Perhaps people are too busy.   Perhaps nobody is reading.   Perhaps people don’t have anything to say.   Even when someone asks a specific question, as Suzanne did here, people don’t comment.    It’s possible that I’ve had more comments from outside our cohort than from within and I am grateful for the input but curious about the lack of conversation.

     Blogging at camp was a bit of a disappointment but then if we haven’t built a community in almost three months, we could hardly expect kids to do it in five days.     There is another blog by Dean Groom titled Effective Digital classrooms with quite a few posts on classroom blogging which are linked here:

Check them out and think about what makes or what would make blogging a valuable experience.   

** Clarification added after initial post:   I’m hoping for people to comment more in general and not just on my blog – on whatever blogs you’re reading.   It’s nice if an author responds to a comment but it’s really more about people making an initial comment if something catches their interest, makes them wonder, or they have input.     The first post in the series above talks about the conversation as an essential component rather than it being just a public journal.

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