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Random Summer Musing

I had another post ready to go but can’t post pictures due to a technical glitch that they are working on – veeerrrrrryyyyyy ssssslllllooooowwwwwlllllyyyyyy.      In the meantime I’ll share some random musings and links to some interesting education blogs I’ve been reading.    I moved my RSS feeds to Google Reader and am much happier.

Various Blogs I found while I had some Spare Time:

– An interesting post by Wesley Fryer on his reaction as an educator to Back to School Night at his children’s school.

– A blog by Dr. Scott McLeod titled Dangerously Irrelevant about a variety of issues involving technology and education. This post is about technology implementation and the usual lack of planning for support.

– NYT Blog by Charles Blow titled By the Numbers on Statistics and Visual Representations – This entry is about corporal punishment in schools. I lived this, indirectly, in the 70s in Ohio but had no idea that it was still going on. When I mentioned it in a class this summer, people looked at me as if I was from another planet – I may be but this is real. [In the interest of complete attribution, I found this blog by following a link from Karl Fisch’s Blog “The Fischbowl” – he’s the “Shift Happens” guy.]

– A blog from a teacher in Pennsylvania titled Stratoz which mixes a variety of topics, including jazz and religion, with science teaching.   There are many interesting posts including this one about textbooks and relevance.

Other tidbits:

– There are four test dates for NYS teacher tests between now and next May. I have three tests to take. Why are they so expensive? Talk about barriers to teaching – $100 to get fingerprinted, $88 for each test… These are their requirements but I’m the one that has to pay.

– On a related note, I found three of my textbooks in very good condition but at the used price.   Woohoo!    Then found out at a meeting last night that the bookstore ordered the wrong books so I need to return them.

– There was an article in the Democrat & Chronicle about leaving industry to teach science.   I left industry a while ago but it’s still my story as a career changer.


Hopefully, they will fix the picture problem soon and I will be back to blogging as usual.  A blog post without a picture is not a blog post.


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