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     The Chemistry contingent of our cohort stayed after the meeting last Thursday to meet our mentor.    She was terrific .  She answered our questions with some excellent ideas, examples, and information.   Kristin asked about Chemistry as Inquiry and she described an inquiry project she uses to challenge the students on the first day.    Anne asked about environmental science in the schools.   I was curious about lab safety and managing a chemistry lab with adolescents.   It was a great meeting – we accomplished a lot in 30 minutes and I feel fortunate to be able to learn from her.

     Since I started grad school, I have done every open-ended project on Chemistry or secondary science.  There is still so much to learn.   I’ve started picking apart and organizing the NYT Chemistry Content Standards so that I can make sense of them.    For my Teaching, Curriculum, and Change course, I started a project about the NY Regents Chemistry Exam but the scope of the paper was too big so I had to leave that portion out;  I had too much basic learning to do on assessment.   So much to learn – so little time.

     I read The Fischbowl regularly but this recent post about using podcasts in teaching HS Chemistry really got me thinking.   A Chemistry Teacher in Colorado assigns podcasts of his lectures to students for homework and then does workshops with them during class time.    I’ll be curious to follow this project through the teacher’s blog.   The same teacher modified a Wii to be an interactive Whiteboard.   There is some amazing technology out there.

     But then, there was another post on a blog by a teacher in Australia about buzzwords and technology that reminded me that teaching is really about connecting with, engaging, and motivating the kids.  

     My first class of the semester is tonight.    My kids and I will all be starting at middle school tomorrow.    It feels like the calm before the storm.


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