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     Over the last two weeks, we’ve watched sections of a video, Minds of Our Own, which can be viewed online at http://www.learner.org/resources/series26.html  The most interesting part was interviews of recent MIT and Harvard graduates who couldn’t light a lightbulb with a battery, wire, and a bulb OR describe how a seed turned into a tree – hint the tree needs the chemical shown above and a few other things.

     There is an interesting list of the most common misconceptions at http://www.amasci.com/miscon/opphys.html   Obviously some of these apply to very young children but some continue through adulthood. As long as a person has not discovered information to challenge their view, why would they bother to modify it? It will be a major focus of my teaching to both discover my students’ misconceptions and motivate them to change their views.

     On the subject of green stuff. My garden never happened this year. I bought the seeds and started some of them but stalled before putting them in the ground due to grad school. I briefly hoped that I would plant some lettuce, chard, and kale during my brief hiatus in August – a few sheets of plastic and I could have had fresh veggies through the end of November at least and some years into January. I am fortunate that I can rely on my CSA and the farmers there who transform carbon dioxide and sunlight into food for my family.



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