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Blogging Community?

     I’m stumped as to how to get people talking here.   I’ve blogged and participated in other blogging communities but never have I seen as little discourse as I do among my colleagues – see links in my blogroll.   I blogged about this in the past.    Dr. Scott McLeod did a blog entry on how and why to get started which includes a video about the value of community for teachers and in classrooms.   I highly recommend reading the post, watching the video, and adding that blog to your RSS feed – you do have one, don’t you?

     I’m not sure why there are so few comments.   Perhaps people are too busy.   Perhaps nobody is reading.   Perhaps people don’t have anything to say.   Even when someone asks a specific question, as Suzanne did here, people don’t comment.    It’s possible that I’ve had more comments from outside our cohort than from within and I am grateful for the input but curious about the lack of conversation.

     Blogging at camp was a bit of a disappointment but then if we haven’t built a community in almost three months, we could hardly expect kids to do it in five days.     There is another blog by Dean Groom titled Effective Digital classrooms with quite a few posts on classroom blogging which are linked here:

Check them out and think about what makes or what would make blogging a valuable experience.   

** Clarification added after initial post:   I’m hoping for people to comment more in general and not just on my blog – on whatever blogs you’re reading.   It’s nice if an author responds to a comment but it’s really more about people making an initial comment if something catches their interest, makes them wonder, or they have input.     The first post in the series above talks about the conversation as an essential component rather than it being just a public journal.


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