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Fossils – Age

Fossils collected 8/27 & 9/6/09

     I live in an area with many interesting geological features – the glaciers advanced and receded over this area several times – including areas that are rich in fossils.    Each summer, I spend time mucking about in shale or limestone beds searching for these ancient sea creatures, which are proof that at one point, the north coast of the US was a tropical sea south of the equator.   The possibilities for using this local resource in teaching are endless – dating methods for Chemistry, glaciers and continental drift for Earth Science, adaptation and proof in Living Environment (Biology).   The fact that this area – the third snowiest metropolitan area in the country – was once tropical is a discrepant event of mind-blowing proportions.   Sigh… I can’t wait to teach again.

     Recent fossil hunting excursions got me thinking about how they determine the age of fossils.    In an effort to improve my chances at a teaching job, I have removed everything from my resume that would allow a potential employer to determine my age.   The Career Center advisor said to include my original degree and its date – it would be evidence of maturity and experience.    In my first round of job applications, I did not get a single interview.   I think age was the reason.   Either that or prejudice against career-changers;  we had a mock interview in which one interviewer said she had bad luck with career-changers and wouldn’t hire another one.    Who knows?

     Today was another first day of school in most of the rest of the local districts.    I feel like someone who got left standing when the music stopped – approximately half the people in my program got jobs although a few are 0.7 or 0.4 positions (part-time).  It’s a bad year to be a science teacher looking for a job.  At this point, I know of only one solid position (it was advertised in the newspaper);  the rest are rumors.

Fossil Hunting Grounds (I’m in yellow)


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