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     This morning when I woke up, I lit a candle for Josh.    In the waning light of this evening, I will relight it.   He was a wonderful young man – too soon gone, a year ago today.   I am thinking of him and his family almost constantly today.

     Today was the first day of school in the urban district where I wanted to teach.    I haven’t completely given up hope but I suppose that will happen soon.  

      I will never forget my first day of High School Chemistry.   My family had moved and I was the new girl, in a new school, in a new town where I knew nobody.   The teacher had us light a candle and asked us to observe carefully.  She told us to write our observations into our notebooks.     Another shy girl (yes – there was a time) was sitting next to me and she agreed to be my lab partner.  We were excited that we got to use matches in school and started to write down observations.   I think we had twenty or so between us;   after all, it was just a candle.   Our homework was to read Appendix A in our brand new Chemistry textbook, which listed 303 individual, completely valid observations.   I was blown away!

      Is it any wonder that I majored in Chemistry?

      Last night, I lit two candles and thought of Josh and his twin brother who were born on September 1.   The chemistry-inspired stained glass from my friend Wayne, who I met through Josh’s mom, is in the background.  I couldn’t resist including this picture too.



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