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New York City as Homework


Brooklyn Train – Early a.m. – Fresh Snow

     My eldest son and I went to New York City last weekend.   We left before sunup on Sunday and came back late afternoon on Monday by train.   It was a job shadow project for school.  His dream is to follow in his uncle’s footsteps by being involved in the music business on the production, not the performing side.  

     Normally, I am not enthusiastic about school projects that require parental involvement.   When my kids have a homework assignment of “play this math game with a parent” or “interview your parent about this”, I have been known to write a note back to the teacher saying that our schedule did not permit completing this type of assignment.   

     One reason for my initial lack of enthusiasm for this adventure was that I was giving up my first quiet weekend since the fall semester started just after Labor Day.  However, I love New York City and it was a great opportunity for him, so  I adjusted my attitude.  We spent Sunday afternoon at MOMA, Sunday evening having dinner with our gracious hosts in Brooklyn, and Monday in Manhattan – job shadow for the tall boy and lunch with friends for me – friends with whom I’ve e-mailed daily for over a decade but two of whom I had never met.   Maybe I could get used to the idea of helping my son with his homework!


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