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Portfolio Completed!

     It doesn’t look like much in this picture but it took most of the summer to complete.  At first, I found the project completely aggravating.  The task was to review my work over the course of my program, synthesize it to prove my competence about ten principles of education, and collate the evidence to address almost 100 individual rubric points.   My irritation was that I wasn’t learning anything new, not doing any research, not extending myself and I thought it would be a book that never got opened after it was reviewed.  But… It was an opportunity to think deeply about education and something that I will probably review because it captures my naive beliefs and objectives for my future practice.

     It ended up filling a four-inch binder and is mostly appendices with the required artifacts – most of the papers I wrote during my program.  One of the hardest parts was that it felt like bragging – “This proves that I’m good at that.  That proves I’m good at this.”  It was a cloud over my summer but it is finished.    Now onto finding a job so I can put this learning to work.   

     I really, really need a job.


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