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     Science Stars this week seemed to be an uneven experience.   For those groups – including ours – who were met with great enthusiasm last week, the girls seemed to be a bit more apathetic this week.  For those groups who dealt with more ennui last week, there seemed to be more interest and participation this week.   This unscientific observation is based on a sampling of blog posts around the cohort about our experiences with the Science Stars after-school program on Tuesday.   Perhaps it is an expected consequence of the work many of us did to get off to a strong start last week.    The girls in our group wanted to know when we were going to burn something or blow something up – a reasonable expectation based on that other groups have been doing.   Hmmm – we are supposed to be doing physics;  would a nuclear bomb or cold fusion be more appropriate?

     We had less enthusiasm this week but that seemed to be related more to the mini-lessons than the hands-on part of our plan.    I’m still trying to understand where we are headed w.r.t. physics, energy, and an investigation.   I’m about spent on ideas – largely met with a lack of enthusiasm by my team – which is otherwise terrific;   this statement is more of a comment on the quality of my input rather than our potential as a team.  I enjoy physics and took almost enough courses to be certifiable to teach it in NY state – a scary statement in and of itself.  My kids, and some others, would consider me certifiable in other ways but that’s another blog post.   I am not anywhere close to the level of my teammates – Mike and  Dylan – who majored in Physics, or Donna and Amanda – who are experienced teachers;  although I’m trying, I feel like I’m way behind and also having trouble  wrapping my mind around how to do energy, physics, and inquiry with these girls.

     Hoping for inspiration.   Ideas greatly accepted from both our cohort blog world and anybody else who is listening.


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