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Blasting Off

© dsgpro - istockphoto.com

      This week, our time with the Science Stars on Tuesday was a great success.   Science Stars is the group of seventh grade girls with whom I spend Tuesday afternoons.  The girls had fun.  The teachers had fun – see blog posts by my teammates, Dylan and Mike.   We generated a lot of excitement about investigating energy and physics through water bottle rocket launches.    The girls decided that our group would be named GWB for Girls With Brains – I think I’m going to work on incorporating the rocket above into a logo including our group name and making stickers, following the example of Anne, Chris, and Kristin‘s group The Bomb Stars.  

     There are many reasons that I was a reluctant Cub Scout parent.    My younger son and his best friend dragged me into the program against my better judgment.    Hanging out with kids is great though and the projects and trips made it fun.  One of my previous blogs was about the experience – as much for the reflection, as to provide a photojournal for parents who couldn’t be there all the time.    The organization with which my son was involved was gracious enough to lend us several water rocket launchers that send a 2L soda bottle, partially filled with water, at least 50-60 feet into the air.   

     The GWB physics group enjoyed shooting off the rockets and trying to predict what would happen with more water, less water, and no water.   The notebooks that the Science Stars program provided for them to record data and observations were enthusiastically received and utilized – it’s hard to go wrong with pink and purple polka dots.  Next week, we will work on a more focused and organized investigation.    We need to spend some time covering the science concepts with them but the predicted good weather means we will certainly be blasting off again!



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