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Wow!  I just checked the date of my last blog post and wondered if I needed to declare this space defunct and move on to a new blog.   I hope that, whichever Solstice holiday you celebrate, that it was as full as possible with peace, warmth, and light – whether the warmth came from friends and the light from candles OR from a trip to someplace with warmer weather.   

My family celebrates Christmas but we also mark the Solstice.  When you live on the north coast of the United States, the sun is very low in the sky in late December and the lengthening days are worth noting and celebrating.   One year for Christmas, my older son received a model solar car kit and the instructions noted that it probably wouldn’t run at our latitude – it didn’t.   I have a Solstice mark on the wall of my front foyer and the light beam has already shifted three inches down the wall.  The light is returning!

This holiday season has included time with friends, time on the road to New England to visit family, and now – with three days left before I return to teaching – a bit of time to relax.   Happy New Year!


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