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Raking in the Starlight

My Neighborhood – Antique Streetlights by Starlight


     OK.  It’s not dancing in the moonlight but it’s close.   Earlier this evening, I was a little crabby.   The source of this foul mood was probably too many hours in the library over the past few days, but the result is progress on a mountain of work that needs to get done in the next two weeks, one way or another.   On top of that, the snow had finally melted, revealing a sodden mass of damp leaves that needed to be removed before the next snowfall, and there is potential for that tomorrow.    My most excellent leaf rakers are all on their way back from Connecticut so I was solo on this chore.   I kept thinking – I should be writing, or reading, or reflecting, or…  Where are those darn kids when you need them?

     Then, as I was raking – a meditative sort of activity – I finally took the advice of a friend and remembered to breathe.  I realized that I was feeling happier and more peaceful.    I was enjoying the physical activity.   The stars were showing clear through the breaks in the clouds.   It’s cold enough to snow.  It was beautiful!  I thought about the fact that before I started grad school; I was always outside.   I was gardening, hiking, swimming in summer, and always moving.   Now I am mostly inside and mostly sedentary – does anybody have any solid ideas for reading journals and writing papers while moving?


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