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Concept Connections

© Andrew Johnson – istockphoto.com

     We met with the Science Stars after school on the last day before Thanksgiving vacation;  this may have contributed to lower attendance than usual.   We used a concept map to review their model of the factors that influence rocket flight while worked on making connections to the data that they had graphed last week.   It was fun watching the lightbulbs go on as they made connections and checked that they could confirm their statements.   Supporting conclusions was a focus of this session.

     Our icebreaker was that each of us said our favorite store with a statement to support our claim.   The girls talked about several stores including one girl who said that any store at the mall would do.   Dylan, one of my teacher partners, stated that his favorite store was Goodwill.   This led to a spirited discussion of clothes and secondhand shopping.   All three pre-service teachers and one of the students said that they shopped at secondhand stores.   Two of the girls were adamant in their refusal to even consider shopping there.   It was a good place to start a discussion about backing up claims and debating positions.

     It’s Thanksgiving.   I’m thankful for so many things, including the existence of secondhand stores.    I wish a peaceful Thanksgiving to all of you!



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