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… all three wonderful weeks of it.   It was short but fun.

[Note:  I wrote this post a few weeks ago but it need pics and that was broken for a while]

Highlight #1 – Fossil hunting with the kids at the Penn-Dixie site near Buffalo. I found several species of brachiopods, crinoids, a possible cephalopod, plus some pyritized fossils – these have gold flecks from iron.  I was aided by an amazing article I found in the University Library about this site – I met the author of the article while I was there. My kids love digging and breaking rocks but start reciting the facts to avoid the questions as soon as we get in the car – “Mom, we know it was tropical because it used to be below the equator and yes, we know that they are about 400 million years old, and …”


Highlight #2 – Taking my mother-in-law to dinner overlooking a marina on Long Island Sound – fresh seafood, yum!


Highlight #3 – Camping at a beach in Southern MA with bike trails along the dunes, campfires under the stars, and the sound of surf to lull me to sleep. It was so dark and clear that I learned a few new constellations, saw shooting stars, and showed the kids the Milky Way – rarely seen in their light polluted lives.


Other highlights included a retirement party for someone retiring after 37 years of teaching, time to read fiction, teaching 7 water exercise classes, visiting family, filling the freezer with meals for the upcoming semester, and relaxing.


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