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Welcome to my blog!

     At long last, my space to muse, reflect, rant, rave, and, hopefully, generate discussion about the process of becoming a science educator.   

     The biggest plus this week was visiting the school and meeting the youth we will be working with during Get Real! Science Camp.    It reminded me that I started this program because I enjoy being with kids.   This had gotten lost in the barrage of readings, assignments, group work, research…   It’s exciting when it doesn’t make my head feel like it will explode from all the new ideas, evaluation of old ideas, and synthesis into my plan for the classroom in my future.

     Another plus was the technology learning that has happened this week.   I worked with wikis for the first time with my Mini-PD group and figured out RSS feeds.   I cannot understand how I ever lived without RSS feeds.   Now that most of the Education blogs I follow are dormant for the summer, I appreciate being notified of new information without having to check my bookmarks.   A wiki was the perfect collaboration tool for our group as we put together a Mini-Professional Development Session on Blogs and Wikis – we also used face-to-face meetings, a chat, GoogleDocs, and e-mail.

     The arrow was group work which, as always, is both wonderful and problematic.  The work product is so much better when there is input from more people but that input, including resolution of conflicts and incorporation into the final product, takes time which seems to be in very short supply these days.   I am learning so much from working with the other students both from examining their different perspectives and reflecting on the need to coach my future students through the group process.  

::: waving to the Sandbaggers – Andrea, Anne, & Donna, the Blog/Wiki team – Chris & Suzanne, and my new camp team – Andrea & Thomas:::


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